Sport Syrups is a traditional brand with uncontested qualities for the whole family as well as professionals and a motto: bringing the energy and the flavors at the heart of the fruit. The selection of top quality ingredients in its recipes has made the success of the brand over the years, always an authentic pleasure through great textures and flavors.

Often simply consumed added with 6 to 8 volumes of water or milk, Sport Syrups may be used as components of famous cocktails with fruit juices and sometimes spirit drinks or even as ingredients in delicious pastry recipes.

Sport Syrups represents the perfect harmony between the sweetness, the aromas and the pleasure provided by the fruits. Rich in real fruits extracts, with no added preservatives and mainly natural aromas, it is the ideal companion to discover new drinking and cooking opportunities.

Managed by syrup specialists following the very demanding specifications of the French market, the making process includes in addition a flash pasteurization providing a complete safety for an excellent final product