Created in 1954 by Mr Berger, the brand Sport Syrups has gained a strong reputation in France over the last 60 years. Well-known for its refined recipes, such as CITROR, the range has since been enriched by several other delicious flavors that are all very appreciated by professionals. Discover with us the saga of Sport Syrups.


Sport Syrups is introduced to the market. Mr Berger diversifies its group and brings all its knowledge into the creation of premium syrups. Being a great sport fan, Mr Berger names its new product Sport Syrups. The group Berger soon becomes the leader of syrups in glass bottles.


The group Berger and its brand Sport Syrups are taken over by Marie Brizard.


Sport Syrups becomes part of the group Orangina Schweppes. At this time the brand offers 9 references. Supported by the enthusiasm of consumers for its specific taste, “Citror” reaches the status of brand’s icon.


Sport Syrups is taken over by SLAUR SARDET, allowing the brand to benefit from SLAUR SARDET’s long experience in syrups business for more than 30 years. Thanks to its modern production facilities, its efficient laboratory and expertise in research & development, it represents a turning point in the history of the brand.


An adventurous life made of innovation and modernity continues around the brand’s historical values of generosity and conviviality.

Since a decade the number of countries discovering the pleasure of drinking syrup increased a lot. Sport Syrups is now available in 30 countries on all continents, making it one of the few truly global brands of syrups, and we are thrilled to keep on developing this brand worldwide for your pleasure!